Prep Writing

Each week you will find a new choice board with different assignments for you to use to improve your writing. Please complete the assignments. Post the photos and your writing assignment on your timeline.

Week 8: Prep Choice Boards

Here are your choices for week 8.

Read a news article. Repost it on your timeline. Tell us why you think this news is interesting. Use 80-120 words to express your thoughts.

Go on a boat ride with your mom or dad. Tell us about the experience. Your story should be between 80-120 words.

Answer these questions. Each answer should be at least 25 words long.

In 80-120 words, please tell us about this picture. Use the words from the word bank in your story.

In 80-120 words, please tell us what you did or how you did it.

Week 7: Prep Choice Boards

Prep: Week 7 Choice Boards

Creative Writing

Choose one of the story starts provided to you, and write a short story.

Do and Write

Do something or make something. Take pictures of your activity. Write a short story about the experience or tell us how you did it.

Look and Write

Write a story about the picture. Please use as many words from the word bank as you can.

Short Answer

Answer three of the questions. You can do all five if you want, but three is the minimum.

Weekly Challenge

This week, our challenge is learning how to build a campfire safely. Tell us about your experience. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us.