Level 3 Writing

Each week you will find a new choice board with different assignments for you to use to improve your writing. Please complete the assignments. Post the photos and your writing assignment on your timeline.

Week 8: Level 3 Choice Boards

Week 8 Choices

Unscramble the Sentences

Do something! Tell us about it! You can also tell us how to do it.

Here are your words for FRY writing.

Look at the picture and answer the questions.

Put these pictures in order. Write us a short story about the pictures.

This week we want you to find as many different colored things as possible. Tell us a little about each thing you find.

Week 7: Level 3 Choice Boards

Level 3: Week 7 Choice Boards

Do and Write

Do something or make something. Take pictures of your activity. Write a short story about the experience or tell us how you did it.

Fry Words

Each week we have 20 new words. Please write a sentence for each word. Post the sentences on your timeline.

Look and Anwer

Look at the picture. Read all the words. Answer all the questions. Post the work on your timeline.

Weekly Challenge

This week our challenge is to draw or paint something. Write us a few sentences telling us about your art.

Read and Answer

Read the story. Answer the questions. Write the answers on your timeline.