Elite Writing

Each week you will find a new choice board with different assignments for you to use to improve your writing. Please complete the assignments. Post the photos and your writing assignment on your timeline.

Week 8: Elite Choice Boards

Here are your choices for Week 8!

This week for the weekly challenge, we want you to eat two hamburgers from different restaurants. Tell us which burger was better. Tell us about your experiences at both restaurants.

Find an article on the Internet. Read it. Write your opinion about the article. Please write between 120-200 words.

Write about this picture. Use the word bank words in your story. Please write between 120-200 words.

Use these prompts to start your story. Please write between 120-200 words.

Please answer three of these questions. Your answers should be between 120-200 words.

Week 7: Elite Choice Boards

Elite: Week 7 Choice Boards

Get Lost!

You and one of your parents need to go on a small adventure. Get on the first bus that comes to a bus stop. Don’t look at where it is going. Take the bus to the last stop. Do something when you get there. Tell us about the experience and share with us some pictures of the day.

Write 80-120 words about the picture you see here. Please try to use all of the vocabulary words from your word bank in your assignment.

Find a news article that interests you. Read the article. After you read it, post a link to the article in your timeline. Tell us about the thoughts that you had while reading the article.

Conducting a survey is a great way to get information. Information is one of the keys to success. Ask ten people the questions. Take the information that you gathered and write a report.

Please answer one of the questions. Use about 100 words to express your answer.